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Running a successful campground is more than just having a great location. Just like how no two campgrounds are the same, no two campers are exactly alike. Truly understanding who your campers are and what they value most will help you to know how to provide the best experience possible.

We at RoverPass have come up with a list of questions you can use to identify your type of campers, what they value, and tips to help you find out what your campers are looking for.

How To Identify Your Type of Camper

How often do they camp & for how long? 

Do your campers like to come in for a weekend trip every once in a while or are they snowbirds who are down here for the entire winter. Campers who camp full-time or plan on staying at your campground for months at a time are usually more selective about where they stay. This is especially important to keep in mind as health and sanitation concerns are higher than ever.

How far in advance do they book? 

If they are requesting to book a spot this weekend they are probably a local looking for a quick getaway. They are probably more price-sensitive and will understand if you are already booked up for the weekend.

The further out a person makes a reservation for your campground, especially a year in advance, the more likely their trip is an important trip and want to lock in their spot.

How do they book?

If someone just wants to make a campground reservation Software travelers tend to prefer to be able to take care of the reservation and also pay for it all at once online. If your potential customers have questions, which many of them will, then having a phone number that they can call is a great way to help reserve any concerns and book them.

What type of rig do they have?

Each type of rig can have limitations. If they have several slide outs or need to back their travel trailer into the spot making sure they have enough room is important. Also, the height of a rig is important if you are in a park that has a lot of trees.

Know What Your Campers Value

The Basics 

Every camper will want to know if the basics will be provided before pulling into your campground. They don’t want to be shocked that their spot does not have power, water, or sewer. Some campgrounds have spots or cabins that are not full hook up sites which need to be communicated.

Customer Service

As the saying goes, “Good customer service costs less than bad customer service.” Sometimes a friendly smile and a simple conversation about the best things to do in the area goes a long way to winning campers into being a visitor to your campground for life.

Good Location 

Camping is a great way to get outdoors and is also an affordable way to stay close to your favourite vacation spots. Whether they are planning on going to a National Park, local event, or even a casino staying in a campground can be closer and more affordable than a hotel.


Of course, price is always a factor in deciding where they will make a reservation. Knowing what your competitors are charging on weekends and holidays to make sure you are in the same price range is important.

Clean Facilities 

Nobody wants to stay in a dirty hotel room, the same goes for campgrounds. On top of keeping the grounds landscaped and cleaned, any community areas like bathhouses and laundry facilities are what most people will complain about. Make sure that your campers are not washing their pet beds in the laundry machines because it makes them gross for the other campers.


If you are hosting glampers at your campground the more important amenities will be to them. Some of the most popular amenities are pools, playgrounds, and fast internet.

For long-term campers, they are looking for amenities like laundry, clean showers, and potentially a store to save them additional trips to the store.

Pet-Friendly Parks & Dog Runs

When it comes to camping, 61% of people bring a pet sometimes. So having a pet-friendly park can be a deal-breaker for a lot of people.

Even if your campground is pet friendly a lot of campers want to make sure their pets also have good facilities like a dog run and poop clean up stations around the park.

Families / Kids

A lot of people like to have family reunions and weekend getaways with their closest friends and family out in nature. If you have a lot of families and kids staying at your park we recommend providing amenities like playgrounds, movie nights, or weekend s’mores to facilitate families enjoying their stay at your campground.

How To Find Out What Your Campers Want?

Not every campground or camper for that matter is the same. You need to find out exactly what campers in your area are looking for in a park. We have a few recommendations to help you understand what your potential campers want to have at your park.

Ask Your Campers For Feedback

The easiest way to find out what your customers like and dislike about your park is to ask them! You can ask them in person, on the phone, or online. Then you can read their feedback to see what you are doing well and where you could possibly improve.

If you need help getting reviews for your campground you can use this free campground review widget from us at RoverPass.

Check Online Reviews In Your Area

If your park does not have a lot of reviews or you want to get a better idea of what campers are looking for in your area simply read the reviews of your competitors.

What are people looking for? Do they need a kid-friendly, pet-friendly, or big rig friendly park? After reading a few of your competitor’s reviews you may quickly see how you should position yourself and maybe even be able to increase your rates.

Check Local Tourist Activities

Lastly, we recommend that you go over to TripAdvisor and see what the top “Things To Do” in your city are. This way you can find the most popular tourist attractions in your area and can communicate how close you are to them on your website and on the phone when potential campers call in.


As you can see, the success of your campground depends on your campers. Getting to know them well is a surefire way to guarantee both more first-time and return customers in the park year after year! Do you know of some other questions you should be able to answer about your campers to help you provide a great experience? Let us know in the comments!

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