Craft CMS Or WordPress: Which One Should You Choose For Your Next Website?

Craft CMS Development


With a lot of content Management software available like craft CMS or WordPress, it becomes quite difficult for developers to choose one. Hence in this blog, we will be discussing some of the top differentiating features between the Craft CMS development and WordPress development.

WordPress is quite popular content management software, and as per the statistics, a lot of websites are being built using it. Whereas Craft CMS software was launched in 2011, with an aim to help web developers to build and maintain their websites. Since its launch, Craft CMS has become quite a popular tool to build websites.

Top 3 Differentiating features among the WordPress and Craft CMS.

Content Management and Creation

The basic advantage of using CMS software is to help users to manage the content on the website. Both WordPress and CMS software allows users to do that. But Craft SMS comes with a lot of features that it makes quite better than WordPress.

Although WordPress has added a lot of features Craft has a lot more additional features like intelligent page building, on-click update, matrix, live preview, and various tools. 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

WordPress comes with a lot of SEO plugins that help users to do SEO without any effort. Yoast SEO is one of the most used plugins in WordPress along with the SEO matic that is native to WordPress. SEO matic offers a lot more features than common SEO tools. Also it automatically creates a sitemap and renders the metadata for the content. This kind of tool is even more powerful than

Craft CMS is quite more advantageous because it offers all the services along with some extra tools and features when compared with WordPress. Craft CM not only generates metadata or sitemaps but also makes your website load faster and less bloat. 

Built-in Functionalities

WordPress comes with a lot of built-in functionality that includes a lot of plugins and templates. It makes it quite quick for users to easily set up the website and make it work. Some of the features like Gutenberg, A page editor allows you to make responsive pages and design for your website.

 Craft CMS Website - Cornerstone Digital

If we talk about Craft CMS, it is quite advantageous to use since it not only includes features that allow you to make a blog website. Also, it has some out-of-the-box features like relations and connections between different content of the pages, categories to make your content settled, and matrix fields that allow you to build flexible pages. 

Although this is quite difficult to find differences among the features of WordPress and craft CMS, with complete guidance from Craft CMS developers you can learn more about it.


Based on the needs and the design you are looking for, you can choose WordPress or Craft CMS development. If you are not able to decide, you can consult with top web development agencies who will offer you complete consultation to end-to-end products.

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