The Work of Concrete Contractors

Our Concrete Construction is the concrete contractors for your Calgary concrete needs. Concrete in Calgary’s western suburbs is a highly competitive business. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured where needed, to perform all aspects of your concrete construction projects. We have risen to the top of the small concrete contractors Calgary due to our quality workmanship and competitive pricing.

We perform a large variety of concrete work and concrete related services. They include but are not limited to concrete patios, concrete driveways and sidewalks in plain concrete and decorative concrete designs or stamped and colored concrete. Garage slabs [1], under pinning, retaining walls, room additions, including excavating and dirt removal, home foundation repair, water in the basement problem solving, overlays and refinishing old concrete to make it look new again. We also pressure wash and reseal existing flat work and brick.

Our uses wire mesh and or fiber mesh in all patios, driveways, and rebar in walkways [2]. We also drill rebar and or use expansion joint to attach our concrete together or to existing concrete structures when necessary to do so.

We use several different Calgary area ready-mixed concrete suppliers regularly to service our needs and always use high quality concrete formulas. The formulas used for a particular concrete construction project is dependent on the particular needs for strength, architectural design, building codes, and weather. We often use a better design mixture than what is needed at no additional charge to our customers, to help insure our piece of mind and that we are offering the customer the best product we can.

Types of Concrete Mixers

As its name suggests, a concrete mixer is a drum that is used to mix cement with water and other aggregates. Concrete mixers look different and are used for different sizes of concrete mixing jobs, but they are all basically the same: a rotating drum with a motor and a chute. Concrete mixers run the gamut from huge commercial truck mixers mini concrete mixers that are portable. The cement mixture turns in the drum until it is ready for pouring.

Commercial-Size Concrete Mixers

Large commercial jobs require huge concrete mixer trucks that can mix and transport the concrete to the job site. Concrete dries quickly, so concrete contractors Calgary need to get as close to the job site as possible and the concrete needs to get poured quickly! Most concrete companies charge by the cubic yard of concrete.

Smaller, Mini Concrete Mixers

The smaller concrete mixers do the same thing as the huge ones, but they are more portable and are for smaller construction jobs. Mini concrete mixers are a good size for most residential uses and constructions — sidewalk or driveway repairs, patio jobs, etc. A mini concrete mixer is small enough to easily access points in the yard and garden. Mini concrete mixers usually run on electricity and have wheels to get around. The small drum can be tilted by hand to pour the cement.

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