Are Hands-Free Leashes The Right Option For Your Dog?

Are Hands-Free Leashes The Right Option For Your Dog

Leashes come in a wide range of varieties as well as shapes. One of those varieties is considered to be the hands-free leash. Hands-free leashes, as the name suggests, do not need the use of hands.

A hand-free leash is usually attached to some sort of belt or a wristband. In either situation, no hand is required to grasp the leash. One of these types is the waist dog leash. Here, we will have a brief discussion on whether it is the right option for your dog.

Hands-Free Leashes Good Option For Well Trained Dogs

Hands-free leashes are considered to be a great option especially for dogs that behaves well. As, your control is restricted with this sort of leash and so, the well-behaved dogs adjust greatly in this.

But, the waist dog leash might create some issues in the initial stage specifically for the dogs who are not trained.

This is considered to be the major reason, why people with well-behaved dogs, can easily go for hands-free leashes. Dogs that are very well behaved. It’s the only way you’ll be able to properly traverse the world without actively directing your dog’s leash.

A large breed of dog should never be walked with a hand-free leash, no matter how well behaved he or she is. For a large dog, hands-free leashes are too loose. So, it is regarded as a great option for trained small as well as medium-sized dogs.

Pros And Cons Of Hand-Free Leashes

waist dog leash The Right Option For Your Dog

Hands-free leashes might be an excellent alternative to regular leashes if you have a dog you can trust and who isn’t too large.

But you should make use of this particular option only if your dog is well behaved. Keep in mind that you must be watchful if you ever need to restrain your dog.


• No need to use your hands.  

• A lot of the hands-free leash designs include belts with pockets for easily storing stuff like potty bags as well as mobile phones.

• Multitasking becomes very much easier with this option.


• The dog must be very well-behaved.

• The dog must be able to comprehend as well as follow voice commands.

• These leashes might not be suitable for large dogs.

More Information Regarding This

Hand-free leashes might be an excellent alternative for individuals with well-behaved pets. However, these are only a good choice for well-behaved dogs, and anybody walking their dog with one should always be on the lookout in case their dog goes crazy for no apparent reason.

If your dog meets all of the mentioned criteria, you can go for a hands-free leash. Just keep an eye out.

Final Verdict

So, the above-discussed ones are some of the most important things that you should know about hands-free leashes.

You certainly wish to choose this particular option, if you are having a well-behaved dog of small or medium size. But, in case, you are having an untrained or large-sized dog, then it is not a good choice for you and can be risky. 

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