Australia’s Biggest Harry Potter Store in Melbourne

Australia's Biggest Harry Potter Store in Melbourne

NEARLY GLESS MICK and his small group of newly hired staff took around two hours to put 40 boxes of new merchandise onto the shelves before the brand-new Quizzic Alley Sydney harry potter store was opened on the 4th December 2020.

“It was manic,” said the six-time Paralympic athlete and Harry Potter fan. Who opened the first Quizzic Alley in Canberra two and a half years ago.

“The pandemic caused a mess in delivery and shipping times. We’d placed large orders for our new store as well as for Christmas. In the days prior to opening the store, the bulk of it was on the shore somewhere in containers. There was no assurance that the items would be delivered in the right date,” he explained.

About Harry Potter Store in Melbourne

The Sydney-based crowd has been asking for an exact day for opening their accounts on social media over the past few a few weeks.

“We’d committed to ‘the first week in December’ and we just kept saying it over. Also over again because we had almost no stock.”

As fate (or luck) could have it approximately half the inventory was delivered within a couple of hours after the opening, and the rush to get it priced to price it and entered into the system and put on the shelves.

“I’m certain the new staff were planning to leave at any moment and my children were sprinting products from the shelves to the boxes and pricing as if they were machines. It was a nightmare and I was screaming out how long we’ve left. There were 20 minutes left until the doors opened we had to cram what didn’t open into the spare room.”

Nearly three months later and having been open 7 days a week in January and December Mick is now back in the game and says that Sydney’s Harry Potter fans have embraced the shop.

“Thank for the wonderful welcome.” “Thank you Sydney for your wonderful welcome. There’s still a excitement in the shop when people who are fans of the franchise come on their first visit. It’s much more than a mere store and the people are impressed by the things we’ve made.

“And the good news is that all our staff have stuck around harry poter merchandise, despite the opening day and how crazy it was,” Mick said. Mick and smiled.

Quizzic Alley harry potter store in Sydney is open 7 days a week , from 10am. It is closed on Tuesdays and Mondays. You can find the store in 191 Victoria Rd, Drummoyne.

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