Adding Premium Canadian Bison To Your Menu

Adding Canadian Bison To Your Menu - Noble Premium Bison

As the hospitality industry starts to come back from restrictions imposed by Covid-19, businesses will be looking at ways to create and maintain an advantage. From food trucks to high-end restaurants, start-ups to established chains—all are focused on controlling costs while at the same time providing a unique offering to new and returning patrons.

Bison meat, as a specialty protein, can deliver that culinary advantage. Here’s how:

  1. Bison meat is healthy, with a superior nutritional profile to most other proteins, including beef; It is a nutrient dense food because of the proportion of protein, fat, mineral and fatty acids to its caloric value. Comparisons to other meat sources have shown that bison meat has a greater concentration of iron, zinc and essential fatty acids.
  2. Lower in fat and cholesterol than beef and many other meats, bison cuts are a great option for menus that require a lean and light protein offering.
  3. The slightly sweeter, richer taste is unique to bison, without the ‘gamey’ flavor profile often experienced with other wild meats.
  4. Bison is not a commodity; it is not raised on a mass scale like cattle ergo can be considered a specialty item on any menu.
  5. Bison are raised naturally without the use of growth hormones, stimulants, antibiotics or animal by-products.
  6. As a menu item, Canadian bison can be used in place of beef, adding intrigue AND nutritional value.
  7. A key component to Canada’s sustainable agriculture industry, bison regenerate the land as they graze, while returning carbon to the soil where it belongs.
  8. Bison are part of a conservation success story; once almost extinct, the reintroduction of bison to the Canadian plains has been a boon to both the breed and to discerning chefs.
  9. Unlike cattle, bison are never raised in feedlots but instead are raised sustainably the way nature intended, on grasslands native to the region.
  10. Premium quality bison meat is available fresh, year round, from Noble Premium Bison in Canada.

Now more than ever, consumers want to know about the food they eat—where it comes from, how it’s raised and what goes into making it. They want to align with food brands that are transparent, conscientious and committed to quality and safe practices.

Meet Noble Premium Bison

When Doug Griller, a 3rd generation bison rancher, and Kelly Long, an award-winning agricultural entrepreneur, sat down over a cup of coffee, Noble Premium Bison was born. Mutual passions for animal husbandry, sustainable ranching and great food led to a handshake and a promise—to deliver a ranch-to-plate philosophy that promotes care at every step and compromises nothing.

We’ve worked hard to develop the very best practices that ensure the safety and quality of the bison we sell. This means our:

  • Producers are audited regularly to ensure high standards of animal welfare
  • Bison are never fed animal by-products or given hormones or antibiotics and are finished on a free choice of quality grains
  • Consistent specs minimize processing, eliminate waste and maximize yields
  • To eliminate the risk of cross contamination, bison are harvested at the only fully certified single species facility in North America
  • EU approved, HACCP processing facility is certified to the highest standard under Safe Quality Food program (SQF) and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), meeting rigorous food safety protocols

At Noble, we want to give you every advantage we can. By providing a product unique to your menu, delivered fresh and consistently cut each and every time, your business can focus on what it does best—welcoming guests back to your table.

For more information on our brand, our story, and how we can help you put Noble Premium Bison on the menu, contact

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