What Is The Importance Of Water Testing?

Importance Of Water Testing | Choice Water Solutions

While drinking a glass of water, you may think it is safe because it looks clean and tastes good. But several water sources are not as safe as we consider them to be. They might contain some dissolved minerals, organic or inorganic compounds, or even living organisms at a concentration that may be lethal for humans. So, in that case, you need importance of water testing companies to help you out. So, if you search for “drinking water testing near me, “you will get numerous results. You must choose a company that is reliable and has great testimonials.

Importance of Water Testing

Everyone is concerned about the safety of drinking water in today’s world just because the interest in the field of health and environmental quality has increased a lot in the past few years.

If the water is distributed without proper quality checking, then it may affect the health of the common people. There may be excessive harmful elements that should not be present in the water used for household or commercial purposes.

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Categories of Water Testing

There are two main categories of water testing

Water Testing for Public Water Supply

The government does this type of water testing for the sources of water for the general use of the common public.

Water Testing for Private Water Supply

These supplies are the water from private wells and are not monitored by the government.

Types of Water Quality Tests

There are 4 main quality tests for water:-

Organic Chemicals

This quality test is generally performed if a specific contaminant, such as pesticides, insecticides, petroleum, or industrial waste, may have contaminated the water.

Bacteriological Tests

These tests are mainly performed to check for any sort of bacteria that may be present in the water. Performing these tests is quite costly. Thus they must be conducted only if it is necessary.

Mineral Tests

Another variety of tests includes the testing of levels of the various minerals which may be present in the water and affect the people’s health and the cleaning capacity of the water.

Other Tests

Sometimes there might be other chemicals in the water, such as Radium or some heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, lead, or other contaminants. This type of test is used to remove such impurities.

Situation Demanding Water Testing

Here are some situations that need the water to be tested if you search for any water testing near me.

  • If the well does not fulfill the codes for its construction.
  • If the water is put on stains on clothes or inside the plumbing fixtures.
  • If you have spilt fertilizers or pesticides within 500 feet of the well or even inside the well.


If you Google for water testing near me, you might not get any specific records. But you must know all the facts and situations requiring water testing. You must opt for these types of tests at least once a year. This will help you and your family to stay healthy.

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