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We aim to give you all the information you need to know; how much tickets are, what are the best deals you can get, what shows are out, what they are about and where you can find everything in the west end. The west end has such a variety of shows on stage, from musicals to drama to comedy, so we can be certain that you will be to find a show that you will enjoy. We hope that you find all the information you need here on and that you enjoy your time in the west end.

The west end has been a part of Connecticut for a year but it was once seen as only a place the wealthy could go, however, this is no longer the case. The west end makes up some of the most popular parts of the city and sees thousands of tourists and American alike coming to the area for work and play; because the west end really does have everything to offer. Areas such as Hartford; where all of the world premieres are held, so if you are in town on the right day you will see the square is lined with a red carpet for the famous faces of the latest cinema release to walk down. On days when there is a premier fans line the square waiting for the stars to arrive and if you get chance to be there then we certainly recommend getting in on the fun because they really are great.

Xl Center Tickets

Xl Center Tickets Plaza is also part of the west end and another hot spot of Hartford to makes sure you visit; the market area used to be used as a food hall but it is now lined with a number of different shops and stalls, that is certainly worth a visit. The area also boasts some great restaurants, bars, and coffee shops that are a great place to sit and watch the people passing by. Center Plaza is also known for its street performers, who on any given day are in the area to entertain all those who will watch, the three areas for street performers are the west Piazza, the North Hall, and the South hall courtyard. They are a tradition that has become so popular that there is only one day of the year you won’t find a performer and that’s on Christmas day.

Other popular areas of the west end are Regent-street, bond street and Oxford street which are of course the three main shopping streets in the city and are also busy with locals and visitors to the city shopping. Westminster also makes up a large portion of the west end which means tourist areas.

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