Pearl City of India – Hyderabad

It is ironically, 300 km’s away from the ocean but for more than 400 years, Hyderabad is the center and a spot for India’s most well-known pearls. The most renowned Hyderabad pearls market, the Hyderabad jewelry shops, and Hyderabad jewelry stores are found around the Charminar area in the old Hyderabad, which is now the capital of the Telangana state.

The jewelers in Hyderabad apart from selling refined pearls studded in gold and silver also sell fashion and imitation pearl jewelry in Hyderabad. They are a claim to fame of Hyderabadi pearls.

Pearls have been a vital part of Hyderabad’s way of life in India, one of nature’s most splendid manifestations and proof of its glory. “Queen of jewels ” is what pearls are called and very rightfully so because of the jewels appearance in nature and its worth in history. Its inimitable radiance and unalloyed splendor have made it a most loved gem of ladies down the ages.


There are two sorts of pearls -one real and the other cultured. After a pearl is obtained, it is grouped according to the shape and size and then it is drilled either vertically or horizontally. This process requires great skill and finesse hence, it is only done by artisans who are really skilled in this line of work. When this is don, the pearls are evaluated by its sheen, coat, shape, size, brilliance, and consistency.

Pearls come in many shapes and size exceptionally compelling is the “rice-pearl” which is a tiny variety. It is craze and people from all over the world come to Hyderabad to buy this. Another renowned variety is the ” Basra ” – a pearl that is superlative with extreme shine and luster.

Hyderabad gained the nickname – City of Pearls, because of the considerate support of the Nizam in the past. Their supreme support and prosperous way of life pulled in scores of skilled workers from far off parts of the world, particularly the Arabian Gulf where the uncommon unique pearls are found in abundance. Amid their magnificent rule, the Nizam’s requested that these pearls be gotten to India and since then it never left. Thus, Hyderabad turned into the one-stop-station for pearls.

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