What to Expect From Animal Print Indoor Outdoor Area Rugs

indoor outdoor area rugs

Animal print striped indoor outdoor rug are popular options among people who want to easily and instantly update the look of any room in their home—bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom. An striped indoor outdoor rug varies in both cost and quality. Lately, there has been a controversy over the use of genuine animal print rugs. Many feel that using genuine animal print rugs encourages a dangerous way of making a living, placing humans at risk as they hunt for animal skin or fur.

The Facts About Genuine and Faux Animal Print indoor Outdoor Area Rugs:

indoor outdoor area rugs

Animal Print Indoor outdoor area rugs to Consider:

Bring the jungle indoors with Sahara Tiger Animal Print striped indoor outdoor rug, retailing under at shoppypal.com. This Indian hand-tufted rug is made from the best wool face yarns to give you a dense and plush feel. The unique print design will definitely add a special touch of style to any dorm room, studio, apartment or condo it occupies. It features orange and tan with black accents. It comes in various sizes.

Shoppypal.com offers this Madagascar Collection V Stripe Zebra Black Rug with prices varying from $46 to $609. This rug is made of 100 percent wool, hand-tufted and measures 6 feet by 9 feet and 8 feet by 10 feet.

The Terra Collection Modern Handmade Zebra Brown Rug is made of 80 percent wool and 20 percent viscose and hand-tufted. This soft plush rug is made in India by master artisans, making it perfect decorative replacement in your bedroom or living room. It is available in various sizes, 2 feet and 6 inches by 8 feet. Check out this rug which sells for $259.00 at shoppypal.com.

LA Rug Supreme Leopard Skin Home Area Rug is handmade and multi color. It is part of the Supreme Collection developed by LA Rugs which manufactures the Fun Rigs line popular with children and includes interesting theme and styles.

striped indoor outdoor rug are easy and fast way to update the accessories and provide accent to the décor of your contemporary home. The Concord Global Zebra Area Rug is comes in natural color and made of 100 percent polypropylene. Made in Turkey, this shag rug varies in prices, from $144.00 to #239.00, depending on sizes at shoppypal.com.

Check out more animal print striped indoor outdoor rug offered by shoppypal.com. You will be surprised by the hundreds of beautiful products to choose from.

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